World MS Day

 Hello, and Happy World MS Day!

I figured that in honor of this day, I would share some of my favorite websites, people to follow, and activities in the Houston area. This amazing list has helped me navigate my life with MS – which I’ll be honest can sometimes be crazy, and not always in a good way.

So.. Without further ado my list, along with commentary, is below.


Ms Connection – Must have information

NMSS – Must have information

MSAA  – Must have information. I mean there’s a program that cover MRI’s, making them, like, free*… Do you know how much an MRI costs? Okay then, check it out!

Girl with MS – Natural healings

Paleobosslady – Natural healings

Tripping on air – Because I like to laugh, out loud -Inspiration – she has MS and does cross fit – which I am mostly convinced is snake oil – but I mean… she’s got it going on!

The Mighty – Different stories from different people, you might cry.

MSFit – Lets get physical, physical… no snake oil here but you will walk out feeling like a badass. Okay!

HealGirl – This woman battles MS and fibromyalgia and is such a beast


And last but, not least Houston Self Help Support Group.


Dontmsmesgrland – Lead by Veronica Lewis Daniels – has great speakers and is always spreading knowledge that is so needed.


I hope this list helps you or a loved one. Lets keep spreading awareness and Kiss good-bye to MS!

*must qualify

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