A Little Care And Tenderness

Did you know June is boring Self Care month?

This weekend was the perfect time for me to practice Self Care, I say this loosely since not only was my attention span limited but also my energy. I took full advantage of some of what @makedaisychains had listed as some of the Boring Self Care rituals.

Her list spans from taking a shower, doing the dishes and remembering to breathe. I don’t know about you, but the last one is a good one! There are countless times where I have had to literally remind myself to breathe. Does that happen to you?

Its almost as if you are waiting for your body to throw something else at you or for someone to respond negatively towards you that you literally hold your breathe as a defense mechanism. Am the only one here? Bueller?


Anyway, like I said I did some boring self care this weekend and shared a little bit below, but what I’m really excited about is the list I found below


Saturday- I took a shower. The shower took everything out of me. I had to take a nap afterwards due to the amount of energy it took. But, I took one! Not a year ago I would of forgone the shower and stayed in bed staring at the TV screen. After my shower – induced nap I felt a little bit better. I was clean and had somewhat of a rest. I made it out to run and errand and get chipotle to eat, but that was pretty much my day. Shower, nap, errand, eat, go back to bed and sleep. I guess my GTL days are over.


Sunday- I Did the dishes and made a meal – sort of. I definitely did the dishes and loaded the dishwasher. I had a little lot more energy Sunday compared to Saturday. I was able to go to the market and get groceries, something I would have had Instacart do not too long ago.

During one of the many breaks in between cooking, I did some perusing on the internet about what others were doing for self care month or in general. I came across a great list on a website called uncustomary.com – Check it out when you get a chance. Anywho I thought the list was something that we could all use, whether you are a Spoonie or not. I’ve listed some of what I found on Uncustomary and also listed a few of my own.

  1. Ask for help- how many of us actually do this? I know it is, and has always been really hard for me to ask for help. This didn’t come with MS, this has been a struggle for years.


  1. Make a Self Care basket- THE BEST IDEA. Fill it up with comfy socks, a heating pad, favorite movies, essential oils ( my go to is frankincense), a journal, and a pink mug for tea, water, or wine)


  1. Appreciate the body you have, not the body you had – speaking to the congregation


  1. Find Dr’s or Specialist you trust- I cannot stress this enough! You have to trust the people that are treating you, if not then what’s the point? Make this a priority!


  1. Acknowledge that you will have horrible very bad days. Its okay, its part of it – ride the wave -Because they will always end, and then you’ll have amazing very GOOD days.


  1. Treat your energy like currency- can you physically afford this? If going to an event will take everything out of you, and maybe take from the next day(s) its not worth it. Tell them you cant go and don’t beat yourself up about it. Shit happens.

Which brings this to the next one


  1. Keep only those around that “get it”. What do I mean by this? If you have people in your life that make you feel like you’re hard to love, or make you feel like you’re an inconvenience tell the bye!

There’s nothing worse than walking on eggshells with people because they either don’t understand or care to understand what you’re going through. It’s their problem and not yours show them the door, close it, and then keep it closed.



  1. Find something to believe in, I was Christian before my diagnosis, but didn’t really start having a relationship with Jesus until after my diagnosis. My relationship with him definitely makes the hard days easier and sleepless nights not as horrible as they could be.


  1. Make a routine- I know it can be difficult, its something I struggle with, but it makes things easier. Even if it’s just a routine for the morning when you wake up. Having control of that little bit of your day helps the day go by smoother- try it. I promise you won’t be disappointed. And if you are, all you risked was a morning.


  1. Make goals and keep dreaming- Just because you were diagnosed with something doesn’t mean your life ends. It could just be the beginning.


  1. Drink Water – Seriously, we are made mostly of water so rehydrate your self! Your body will thank you I promise, and you’ll probably feel a little better once you do.


  1. Share your story- I was reminded by a lady today that if you have a testimony your praises become stronger. And we all know you can’t have a testimony without a test. So go through it, do your best everyday and share that story! You never know who you could be helping by sharing your truth.



For more comprehensive list check out uncustomary.com














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