MS Warrior Series Keyonna Renea


      I started following Keyonna on Instagram a little over a year ago and I instantly loved her spirit and transparency about her MS journey. Her IG handle is Diagnosed.Determine for goodness sake! This self proclaimed uber passionate creative focuses on the beauty of others, and focuses her energy on reminding them of the strength and power they have inside. She is truly remarkable. Please read the interview below and be sure to follow this amazing Warrior on all of her social media outlets listed below.


How do you describe yourself? 

I’m Keyonna Renea. Uber passionate Kansas City creative and event curator/organizer. I live to tell people’s stories and am often the glue of connection in many communities.

 Does MS take a front seat or a backseat in your life? 

Thiiiiisssss is such a weird question for me. I’m not sure how to answer except to say honestly I forget that “I have MS” until I remember lol. I live my life as optimistic as possible and take things day by day and sometimes moment by moment. I’m still trying to shape my new normal. It has a seat so to speak but it’s wherever I allow it to sit.

What keeps you going? 

Some days I have no clue lol. Steady progression to become my full self but to also share with others. Being stagnant is like a prison to me.

Do you challenge your doctor or do you accept their word as gospel? 

Challenge, challenge, challenge. I’m very curious and want to be educated every step of the way. All of my physicians to have be open and willing to take their time to have me as a patient because I need to know how and why everything works if there’s an answer to my questions or concerns. At the end of the day I know my body better than any book or data. I can’t walk into an office where the staff doesn’t want to be partners in my health care journey. I wasn’t always this way. Self advocacy is a habit I’ve had to learn over the years.

What do you want or  wish people knew about you?

I hear I’m a little mysterious which is odd because I consider myself to be an open book once you get to know me. I can come off very quiet and reserved at first but that’s because I’m listening…. I’ve always been a people watcher and student of human behavior. Don’t let any of that fool you tho I’m as silly as they come. I’ll talk about health, trauma, mental illness, happy hour, and dance a little all in the same conversation lol.

Also, I’m so passionate about health as a form of prevention rather than reacting to a diagnosis. On the flip side I exploring opportunities that will change the way we approach life after a diagnosis and the conversations around things that are mostly experienced in silence.

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