MS Warrior Series – Catherine Weston


Meet Catherine Weston. Her blog, Chronically Hungry, which is a mixture of her life, wellness and cooking is not only useful but motivating- seriously run, don’t walk to see what I mean. She’s been featured on the MSConnection blog and continues to bring MS awareness everyday on her Instagram. Check out her interview below and be sure to follow this hilarious lady on her social media outlets listed below.

  How do you describe yourself? 

I always introduce myself as Catherine or Cat as its convenient, but I always describe myself as energetic and optimistic, and super dorky 🤓. MS hasn’t changed who I am much aside from making me a lot more disciplined with my health and expressing gratitude on the daily.

       Does MS take a front seat or a backseat in your life? 

MS kinda rides in the middle seat for me 😂 it’s always there and my social profile is 100% dedicated to living with it, but I don’t talk about it much in my life because most of the time it doesn’t affect me too bad (knock on wood)! I’ll walk a little weird or get a little tired but nothing I can’t handle yet, and always preparing for the day I may need to take other measures.                                                     

 What keeps you going? 

A mixture of myself and my own aspirations for my life, my family and loved ones, and this amazing MS community keep me going. Having others who understand what’s it’s like tell me that my story and experience have made their lives easier or eased their mind is always so worth sharing what I go through 🧡                           

Do you challenge your doctor or do you accept their word as gospel? 

50/50, my previous neuro was so esteemed in the medical community and a little full of himself so it was near impossible to challenge him or even get a word in. I only just established care with a new doctor so seeing how the relationship plays out, as of now I’m only seeing her once a year.                           

        What do you wish people knew about you?

I wish people who know me from social media specifically, could see me for more than my illness. Making this profile mainly about that of course led to that result, and I love it, but I feel almost defined by it. I never want to be defined by MS – I want to grow with her, nurture her, and understand her to the best of my ability as she lives inside of me (uninvited 🤣). I wish people could better understand that this is an every day fight, and even when I look okay or say I feel great I’m definitely tired. I am definitely having cog fog. I am definitely experiencing SOME kind of symptom, so I just want patience, understanding, and forgiveness of my shortcomings. ♥️

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