MS Warrior Series – Katie Caputo


I met Katie Caputo on Instagram close to six months ago. The fire and strength that you hear in her voice in conversation, or  hear on her instagram stories is more than inspiring. Although recently diagnosed she hasn’t taken the news lying down  Read below to find out more about this incredible firecracker or a woman. 

How do you describe yourself? 


Does MS take a front seat or a backseat in your life? 

I’ve been diagnosed for 8 months now and I have to say it’s taken the front seat for the last 7/8 of them. In the beginning I was in and out of a flare up, and learning how to deal- and I still am, so everything that was in front of me wether it’s emotions or a new symptom, It was MS related. Now that I’m getting my “foot work” and learning what to expect, and having such a great support system – it’s kind of taken the back seat, especially because I feel good. When you feel good, you don’t think of the bad. 

What keeps you going? 

 Learning new things about the disease, and other warriors stories is what keeps me going. MS is such a wide spectrum as far as individuals and their symptoms. Every person is so different in their own way. No one is the same. And that blows my mind. How can we all have the same disease, and essentially, be all different? So the studies keep me going. The getting to know other people. But also, the fight in me.

Do you challenge your doctor or do you accept their word as gospel? 

I’ve been with my doctor for 11 years now. Longest relationship! I never used to challenge him UNTIL I started connecting with other warriors and friends in the MS society. Once I started finding out more info from others, I was curious, and would ask questions. I would ask about things that aren’t even up my alley yet. He knows I’m not MS’ing around, as no one should with their health, but I’m def the hard ass with him.               

What do you want or  wish people knew about you?

I used to HATE being home. Hate laying In bed on a day off. I don’t like to waste a minute of spare time. Now, my spare time, heck even most of my time is spent at home, in bed. My life changed; but I’m forever grateful. Sometimes I’m angry but I’m learning. I’m learning how strong my body was actually built, and what I was made for. And I won’t let it beat me. #DONTmsWITHCAPUTO

To continue being inspired by Katie or to learn more about her journey follow her on her instagram below: 


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