MS Warrior Series- Sophie


Meet Sophie, a woman who is #Goals. She lives abroad, and although she puts MS in the front seat her life, it is way more than it. Read below to find out more about Sophie, a woman after my own heart. 

                                   How do you describe yourself/ introduce yourself? 

Hi! My name’s Sophie and I have three homes – Sydney, Australia, Stockholm, Sweden and Yangon, Myanmar. I work in support of Myanmar’s peace and democratic transition, based in Sweden and with frequent and lengthy trips to Myanmar. I was born and raised in Sydney, Australia and I was diagnosed with highly active RRMS in September, 2017 at the age of 29.

 Does MS take a front seat or a backseat in your life? 

In terms of management, MS takes a front seat in my life because I think it’s my biggest chance at being able to keep doing what I love, whilst feeling well. Management includes following the OMS diet for me, even whilst traveling, exercising six times a week, sleeping 7 hours a night and stress management practices, such as meditation and yoga. It also includes six monthly infusions of Rituximab.

What keeps you going? 

My determination that this disease and all the symptoms it’s left me with are not going to stop me doing what I love.

Do you challenge your doctor or do you accept their word as gospel? 

Information is very comforting for me, so since day one I’ve had my head in medical journals, and my neurologists has been fantastic at meeting me during our conversations on the newest research and approaches. I was also diagnosed in Bangkok, Thailand and so have been lucky to have had the input of neurologists who treat patients without such a focus on drugs and a strong focus on lifestyle factors and meditation. I whole heartedly feel all decisions that have been made in my treatment course have been joint decisions and I’ve never agreed to any intervention unless I felt comfortable understanding that this was the best bet for me.

 What do you want people to know about you?

MS is a big part of my daily life and annual scheduling, but it’s just a part of my reality. The rest is far more interesting.

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